About Us

Arc Design Studio was founded by Shrey Agarwal & Rajesh Bhartiye in 2018 in Moradabad. Studio has architectural & Interior projects spread across Moradabad, Kashipur, Rampur, Gurgaon, Noida and various other cities of UP. Our design motto is to design solutions without compromising the integrity of materials, while respecting the environment and achieving the functional needs with playful experimentation. Keep reading and discover the people who make Arc Design Studio what it is.

A childhood interest in expression through art and his curiosity to know more how the built environment affect its inhabitants led him to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Having worked with several architects throughout the country helped him better understand the design approach involved in different styles of architecture. 

Ar. Shrey Agarwal

During his professional career he has worked on a spectrum of projects,which include Resorts in Uttrakhand to luxury residence in Moradabad, Gurugram, Noida and various parts of Uttar Pradesh . These projects help him to explore the execution knowledge on site along with services. His ability to examine every detail of design  enables him to provide an effective solution to projects of varying scale. He uses his diverse knowledge and experience to guide every project to unparalleled standards. Sent from my iPhone